What's Happening This Year
Friday June 30th

All these events are accurate when I put this page together --
It will change ! (Right Up To The Last Minute)

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FRIDAY June 30th

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The Presenters are Georgina Daniels and Matt Magee
Approximate Times
17.00 Al Pascal Friday Night Roadshow
18.45 Tim Lefmann
19.00 The Big Choir
20.00 Friday Headline Band
The Kix Jazz Orchestra

The Family Fun Fair, has always been very popular
They are planning to bring more new rides this year
Tonight is a 'Wrist-Band' evening
Pay Once and Ride All Evening

A variety of   Food Outlets.
The Pinnacle Bar
Is Open Tonight

The bar is supplied again by   Pinnacle Bar Services
I believe they have a great selection of Beers etc (Mine's a large one !)
--- And the prices are very reasonable !!

Web Site
We intend to keep this site running throughout the year, and not just for the festival period
We want this to be a local site for the local people and supply information that will be relevent to everyone
We will be arranging local music competitions, and other ongoing pages which will be useful to our local surfers
This year until the end of June we had around 700 000 visitors to the site

Send us an email with you comments on this year's 'Festivities'
It's not too late for extra things to be added (possibly !)
It's the ONLY WAY we can get it better for next year

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