What's Happening This Year
Saturday July 1st

All these events are accurate when I put this page together --
It will change!

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Main Stage Presenters
Matt Magee  and  Georgina Daniels

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Approx Times
12.00 Simon Durham
12.30 The Barnet Ukelele Band
13.15 Little Boy Lost
14.00 The Vulz
14.45 Seven Ages Of Man
15.30 Fiende Fatale
16.45 .Rockin' Bones
17.00 Hokum
17.45 Painted Smile
18.30 The Broad
Saturday HEADLINE Band
19.30 .Vigilante.

Dance Stage
This year we have an unprecidented number of Dance Displays
From Solo Dance from around the world
To the latest dance styles to sweep the country
Join us in the Big Top on both days

Your Host is Ann-Marie Pearce

13.30 Unity Dance Company
14.00 Love The Beat
14.30 Non Stop Dance
15.00 Re Re Combine
15.30 Rikud Israeli Folk Dance
16.00 Boden's Performing Arts College
16.30 Finchley Music Centre (Young Bands

In association with
Community Projects

Hosted by Al Pascal Music

'Barnet Meets
The School Of Rock'

Show-casing young, and new musicians

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Start-Up Stage Presenters
Blossom McDonagh  and  Nigel Clark

Approx Times
13.00 Al Pascal Music Show
16.15 Throw Back
17.00 Ma Fish Wa Loose
18.00 Ka Li
18.35 Scot Folan

Sandwiches - Strawberries and Cream Teas
(Anyone want one ?)

We can't beat Wimbledon, -- But We Can Try !!

Paws In The Park
Once again we are looking at our four legged friends
In conjunction with East Barnet Vets.
An oportunity for all local dog owners to enter their best friends
Sign in from 12.30
Judging from 13.30
  Can you spot the Winner ?
In The Arena
We've expanded again
There is Entertainment Here taking place throughout the afternoon
13.00  14.30  16.30 Punch and Judy
14.15 Maddaq Productions

Other Attractions

Hammonds Family Fun Fair has always been very popular.
They are planning to bring more new rides this year

Community Stalls
We expect approximately 100 + 'Life Style' Stalls - Community - Crafts - Green Stalls
Food Outlets

The bar this year is supplied by Pinnacle Bar Services
I believe they have a great selection of Beers etc (Mine's a large one !)
And all the prices are very reasonable !!

Ideal for our younger visitors
Is your small family member a Jenson Button in the making ?
Come and find out !
This looks like fun !

Web Site
We intend to keep this site running throughout the year, and not just for the festival period
We want this to be a local site for the local people and supply information that will be relevent to everyone
We will be arranging local music ongoing pages which will be useful to our local surfers
This year until the end of June we had around 750 000 visitors to the site
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Send us an email with your comments on this year's 'Festivities'
It's the ONLY WAY we can make it even better for Next Year

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