Pack your picnic and join the friends doing battle with the weasel
They have to save Toad Hall

Pack your picnics and join the boat-loving Ratty, the sensible yet curious Mole, wise old Badger and the fantastically irrepressible Toad as they embark on the adventure of a lifetime
Culminating in a colourful battle with the sly weasel to save Toad Hall!
Eye-catching costumes, toe-tapping music and larger than life characters promise to capture the imagination of the youngest of audience members whilst the sheer nostalgic charm of this beloved story is guaranteed to take older generations on a glorious trip down the riverbank onto memory lane
The perfect summer treat for all the family from the company that brought you last year’s smash hit, The Wizard of Oz!

With audience participation, dazzling costumes, an original script and plenty of laughter
This faithful re-telling promises to have you shouting, clapping and singing along to a host of brand new songs a fantastic treat for all the family

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