First registered as a charity in 1995
Now the largest FREE festival in North London

We have opportunities for Sponsors and Festival Makers
To participate in this extremely popular annual event

So You Want To Help ?

Want To Become A Sponsor ?
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How To Become A Festival Maker   

With 18-25000 people expected to attend the three-day event you might think that the festival could not be any better
We disagree !

We think that with your help we could make this an even bigger event with emphasis on The Arts

We will host Three Stages

The Main Music stage will host a variety of Pop and Rock acts featuring many local bands
(Last year we presented over forty bands covering all music styles)
The smaller Music Stage will showcase younger, possibly less experienced bands and solo performers.
(This could be their first experience of performing in front of a large audience)
Another, will be for enthusiasts of Dance and Performance Groups

We are looking for a main sponsor, or maybe a number of sponsors who will help to achieve the maximum publicity both on the festival web site, and our advertising throughout the festival year

There will be advertising flyers distributed to shops, businesses and homes throughout Barnet and the surrounding boroughs
Periodic displays in all the borough's major Shopping Centres, Events and Exhibitions
The local Press, Radio and the Internet will be encouraged to carry our publicity for the event closer to July

The Spnsors Name will be included in all publicity used for the festival

ALL sponsorship ideas will be gratefully received and discussed

We want to make local residents and visitors proud of our town and the East Barnet Festival has become an exciting major showpiece

So You Want To Become A Sponsor ?

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With your help this will happen
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It's Your Call !!

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