London is home to many of the world’s most important Musicians, Orchestras,
Music Colleges, and Industry Professionals
There are more music venues and music performances than New York, Paris, Shanghai and Tokyo

Performances abound in a huge variety of venues from Local Halls to Pubs and Clubs and all manner of platforms in-between
Not surprisingly, there has been an explosion of music-making opportunities
A vast number of Orchestras, Arts Organisations, informal, formal Providers, and Schools provide a very wide possibilities of musical activities
Londoners are also exposed to a diversity of cultures and musical influences creating fertile ground for New and Emerging music talent
However, with such overwhelming choice, it can be tricky to know where, or how to get involved
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As most of you realise, finance is always a problem
Live Music in Barnet is well and truly happening
We would like to prove it !
This year we're in the tricky process of negotiating our financial situation
Hopefully this will be resolved
If you think you may be able to help further please contact us -
We Still Need Help

We aim not only to promote and showcase the wide range of music in Barnet and the surrounding area, to play, learn about, and listen to music of all styles, but also to encourage people to follow their musical passion by helping them as much as we can
The Mayor believes that music education matters and should be supported
It should be a part of every young person’s upbringing. Not only because it brings many benefits in terms of personal development, education, and training, but also because music can be life enhancing and is a source of human pleasure and understanding

Here in Barnet we are trying to find the best of all genres of music
Therefore we are offering the chance for You to show just what you can do

This year we have Three Stages -Main Stage - Start-Up Stage and The Big Top
They will show-case our local talent, and includes a Dance Space in The Big Top

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We asked for Solo Musicians - Bands and Choirs
This Was The Result
Music Programme and Times

Keep coming back to see latest information on the 2019 music programme as it develops
The Final Event schedule will be printed as a Mini Brochure just before the Festival Weekend for it to be up to date as possible

Here's Last year's Mini Brochure

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The Music Stagev
July 5th
Friday Night Is Big Band Night

Al Pascal Friday Night Roadshow 2019
Hot Swing Boheme    The Urban Big Band 

SATURDAY and SUNDAY July 6th and 7th
Main Stage Presenters
Astra and Marks

These musicians are invited to play in 2019
This List May Change

The Finchley Music Centre   The Excuses   W3Detour   Boas   Kingdom   Oasis Reloaded   The Long String Hawkers   Country Joe Renegade   RayC and The Game   Vigilanti   JCoss Year 7 Choir   The Barnet Stormers   Radio Rising   The Runner Brothers   Cactus   Fron The Outside   Marina and The Fraud Squad   The Family Dogg   Adam Richard   The Spirit Of Springsteen (Tribute to The Boss)

NOW we're looking for 2020 Performances
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Hosted by Al Pascal Music
This List May Change
'Barnet Meets
The School Of Rock'

The Presenters Are:-
Blossom   and  Nigel


Pulse   Dysfunctional   Al Pascal Music Show   My Feesh Wa Loose   Al and Lou   Ka Li   Jacob Abraham   By Next Friday   Spare Room   East Barnet Music Centre   Al Pascal Music Shpw   The Hare   Jj Rappers   Jali Mudd

NOW we're looking for 2020 Performances
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Big Top Presenter
Ann-Marie Pearce
Showcasing Dance and Music From Around The Borough
Saturday and Sunday

This List May Change

N12 Choir   Beat Choir   The Big Choir   Singing Hearts Choir   The Wright School Of Dance   Lorna Wright   D2D   Green Candle   Kim Stannard   RIKUD  Jigsaw   IDI Lesley Hand   Laura D   Sets
NOW we're looking for 2020 Performances
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The East Barnet Festival - 2019
Music Programme and Times

Approx 21.00

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